Identity Theft and Bankruptcy

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When it comes to personal financial risk in the 21st century, there are few things more dangerous than identity theft. The availability and easy accessibility of information via the Internet and corporate networks makes identity theft an unfortunately common practice. If you’re a victim and (read on...)

All About Credit Report Errors

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You may not be aware of it, but errors on credit reports are incredibly common. Approximately 4 out of every 5 of these reports have at least one error, so you should take the time to understand these errors and how you can dispute them. By learning more about these errors, you have a better (read on...)

Identity Theft Risks

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Are you as careful with sensitive information about your credit and identity as you think you are? Identity theft is on the rise these days, with over 8 million victims a year. You might think that you are being careful about certain things like not giving out your PIN to anyone, but there may be (read on...)

Lifelock Reviewed

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OverviewMany credit detection and identity protection products on the market today seem to have decided to address the problem of credit theft. Lifelock is one such offer. On paper, it certainly makes sense. After all, credit theft is a terrible problem faced by modern society. As we advance in a (read on...)

Beware of Hoaxes This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season upon us, many people are buying gifts for their loved ones and donating to charities. The problem is some people are taking the kindness of people and using it to steal identities, money, and information. Of course we all want to be jolly and pretend that no one would be (read on...)

The Parts Of Your Credit You Should Think About

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The savings you can experience by having a high FICO score can help you in many ways. Most consumers are not aware of how huge these savings can be. You can save on your home loan and even get lower insurance premiums when you keep good ratings. However, there are some facts about your credit you (read on...)

Comprehending Credit Monitoring Agencies

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Credit Monitoring: What Exactly it Features When you have reason to suspect that you are susceptible to personal identity theft (you’ve lost your wallet, had a home break in, or perhaps somebody has broken into your banking account), enrolling in a credit monitoring company will be able to (read on...)

Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft

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As people rely more and more on the internet for various transactions, it gets increasingly harder to keep personal and financial details out of public view. Although most sites use encryption and other security methods, hackers manage to come up with ways to get sensitive information. Unless you (read on...)

Taxes and Identity Theft

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The level of automation and sophistication in this information age has a tremendous impact on our lives. Today, you can get statistics and information about almost anything. Many processes that took long in the past have also been reduced to a few seconds. The IRS has not been left behind with (read on...)

Your Privacy And Bankruptcy

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The decision to file for bankruptcy comes with many stressors. There is a lot of pressure from the lack of finances and increasing amounts of debt. Many people fear that everyone will find out they have filed for bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy is designed to be an tool that provides assistance (read on...)