How to Access Free Tax Services

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Are you looking for free help for your taxes? There are several organizations and resources that provide free tax assistance and services. Some of the services are available to all taxpayers while others are available to specific groups of taxpayers. Below are four of these free services: IRS (read on...)

How Can the IRS Help Kids?

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If you have children, you already know that you can receive tax benefits to cover the costs of childcare. However, did you know that the government is handing out money to help your kids go to summer camp as well? As a parent, most of us dread the summertime mainly due to the out-of-pocket (read on...)

What to Do If You Owe Taxes And Don’t Have Money to Pay Them

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There could be a situation in life when events occur beyond your control and make it impossible to pay your taxes on time. The IRS tax liability increases rapidly due to the interest and penalties that accrue on top of the tax due portion. Sending money to reduce the balance on the tax debt is (read on...)

Some Options for Reducing Your Tax Debt With the IRS

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So you owe a lot of taxes? Groan! That’s not a very happy condition, and it’s probably stressful for you-but it’s not the end of the world. There are several things you can do to ease the pain. Here are some possibilities you should know about. 1. YOU COULD MAKE AN INSTALLMENT (read on...)

Taxable Income – A Legal Definition

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Let my intentions be clear. I offer no advice but only express an opinion related to information which I recently discovered. This discovery resulted from considering the issue and evaluating the question posed in the first paragraph below. It’s up to you to verify the information and draw (read on...)

What Are My Options When I Can’t Pay My Taxes?

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When you don’t pay your taxes by April 15th you will receive a letter from the IRS asking you to pay your taxes. You will receive a “Notice of Taxes Due and Demand for Payment.” This notice will tell you exactly how much you owe as taxes and what the interest and penalties are (read on...)

Tips on Using Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)

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Some people are prone to certain illnesses. They just can’t seem to get their immune system around certain diseases. For some select few, these sicknesses come around at designated times; to a few others, when they do some certain activities. Some people get sick when they fly in a plane, (read on...)

IRS Tax Tips for 2011 Returns – 3 Things to Do Now to Prepare for the April 15th Tax Deadline

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Three Important Tax Planning Tips for the Month of January As you begin to gather the financial information necessary to prepare and submit your 2011 tax returns, it is wise to look carefully at the financial events and strategies of the past year for the purpose of evaluating what impact they (read on...)

IRS’s Fresh Start Program Great for Taxpayers

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The IRS announced a new “Fresh Start” program, designed to allow taxpayers to regroup financially, getting a new start on their finances. This program provides taxpayers an opportunity to limit the damage IRS tax collection activity may have had on their credit report and credit (read on...)

Tax Payers Expected To Pass Competency Exams

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The IRS plans to offer oversight to those who prepare taxes and this could be a good thing and could provide peace of mind to those who are having their taxes prepared. The IRS oversight assures that those who prepare your taxes are properly trained. “Certain” paid tax preparers will (read on...)