Stop IRS Levy Activity – How To Accomplish It

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An IRS levy is an aggressive action by the IRS to seize certain possessions. “A Notice of Intent to Levy” is the last notice in a series of notices sent out by the IRS. This is a thirty day notice letting you know, that if you do not respond within that time period the IRS plans to (read on...)

Help With IRS Debt

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The Internal Revenue Service is arguably the most feared federal agency in the United States. Their broad powers of collection and strict interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code gives even the most fastidious taxpayers pause. But no matter how careful you may be, it is easy to make a mistake (read on...)

How Do Tax Levies Work?

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A levy works as a legal requisition of your property and assets to repay money owed to the IRS. Levies and garnishments act differently than liens. Any lien can be described as claim in use as security for the tax debt, while a tax levy actually could take your assets or property with the (read on...)

IRS Levies – A Simple Explanation

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The IRS Levy is what keeps taxpayers up at night, afraid of the terrible things the IRS can do to them when they fail to pay their taxes in full. If the Internal Revenue Service goes after you in attempts to seize the money you owe, they can take your house, your car, your motorcycle, your boat, (read on...)

Do Not Encounter a Tax Lien Or an IRS Levy by Not Settling Your IRS Tax Debt

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You risk the IRS placing a lien or tax levy on your property to fulfill what you owe the IRS if you owe an IRS Debt. Tax lien and tax levies are both ways the government can insist upon your repayment of what you owe the IRS. Do not risk an IRS tax levy or lien on what you have earned; always (read on...)

IRS Tax Garnishments

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Many of us have to work hard for our money. We were not all born with a ‘silver spoon’ in our mouths’. In most cases, most of us believe that our labor is worth more than we are actually paid. In addition to this reality, we have the yearly ritual of filing those tax forms. (read on...)

IRS Tax Levy – How it Works

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A tax levy is the legal seizure of property by the IRS. If you have failed to pay your taxes or have setup some other type of agreement, the IRS may begin to seize assets as way of settling the debt. It goes without saying that avoiding an IRS tax levy is very important – this is not (read on...)

Roller Coasters and Tax Liens – Only One of Theses Rides is Fun

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Up and down, round and round, loop-de-loop it’s funny how the same action can be so much fun on a roller coaster and so disastrous with the IRS. As a kid, I wanted to ride the roller coaster over and over, but no one wants a ride on the IRS collections machine ever again. Most people (read on...)

Intent to Levy – What to Do

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If you received a notice from the IRS stating that they intent to levy (cp 297) this is typically because you have not taken action on several other notices you received prior or you have repeatedly defaulted on making payments. This is a very serious notice and should not be taken lightly. If (read on...)