Sources of Free IRS Tax Help

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If you’re a low-income family who needs to prepare tax returns, you’re probably trying to find way to get free tax help. One of the most popular ways to get free IRS tax help is through the use of free online tax preparation software. This cuts down on the stress of having to fill out (read on...)

When You Need Help Resolving IRS Problems, Look for a Certified, Licensed Professional

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IRS tax problems are not pleasant and only get worse as time progresses. You want to settle your tax debts quickly. In order to do so make sure and hire a certified, licensed tax professional who knows what he is doing. The last thing you want when trying to resolve your tax problems is someone (read on...)

TIGTA Audit on Effectiveness of IRS Interim Letters

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If you have ever sent a letter to the IRS to find out about your delayed tax refunds or to inquire about any other thing, you may have received a letter from the tax authority that does not respond to your questions but rather seeks to update you on your inquiry progress. These letters are called (read on...)

IRS Interim Letters Cause More Confusion As Opposed to Resolving Inquiries

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The IRS internal rules require every inquiry letter sent to them by a taxpayer to be responded to within 30 days of its receipt. The rules also provide that should the department handling an inquiry be unable to provide a response within the set timelines, they should send an interim letter to (read on...)

How Timely and Accurate Are IRS Correspondences to Taxpayer Inquiries?

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Every year, the IRS receives taxpayer inquiry letters in excess of 20 million. Most people contact the IRS to follow up on delays in tax refund checks or follow up on their tax returns. The IRS has places a vigorous mechanism to ensure that all correspondences received from taxpayers are (read on...)

IRS Correspondence With Taxpayers

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Each year, the IRS sends out over 200 million correspondence letters to taxpayers and receives about 20 million correspondences from taxpayers. The correspondence quantity has greatly increased in the recent past due to significant changes in the tax code that result in many taxpayers’ (read on...)

IRS Tax Help – All About 1040 Tax Forms

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When you want to file your tax returns on the IRS website, you might become a bit confused. This is because there are so many different forms to choose from and you may not know which one is appropriate for you. The following IRS tax help guide will give you the information you require to choose (read on...)

About The IRS Tax Lien

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An IRS tax lien can be problematical for the person who has managed to accrue back taxes. However, it is perfectly legal in the United States for the IRS to impose a tax lien on one’s personal property such as a car, boat or house, in order to secure the payment of the taxes owed. This is (read on...)

IRS Tax Relief for Business Owners

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The 2010 tax return year may find the tax payer getting some breaks that will give them IRS tax relief, especially for the business owner. One of the things that will help is the passing of the “Small Business Jobs Act,” which will help businesses when it comes to filing taxes. One (read on...)

In 2011 Will You Be Facing an IRS Tax Lien or an Early Refund?

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The year 2010 has been tough for many Americans because of the loss of so many jobs, the economy doing a double dip at times, and even some folks were faced with foreclosure. All these things have made the year rough and now it is tax time. What are you expecting this time will you be facing an (read on...)