Common Myths About Filing for Bankruptcy

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As a bankruptcy attorney, I often hear some of the same questions on why the potential client shouldn’t file bankruptcy. Here are some of the answers to debunk the myths to filing bankruptcy. Myth number 1. You cannot file bankruptcy anymore. This myth is almost gone. After the bankruptcy (read on...)

How A Small Medical Bill Can Destroy Your Credit

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Many doctors and hospitals, frustrated with slow payments from insurance companies, have resorted to the use of collection agencies. The problem has become so prevalent that I heard a story recently of a doctor that turns all of his third party billing directly over to a collection agency. He (read on...)

Bankruptcy: Can I Include My Medical Bills and Health Care Debt?

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Mounting health care expenses can force any individual into a serious financial crisis. What options do you have? While there are several alternatives in dealing with your overall financial predicament, in bankruptcy, there are a couple different directions you can go. Traditionally, bankruptcy (read on...)

Chapter 13: A Life Raft In a Sea of Debt

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A sad fact of today is that more and more households are experiencing financial troubles. Most of us either personally know someone or have ourselves been affected by the recent economic downturn. With state governments running deeply in the red, resulting in further layoffs, furloughs and (read on...)

Medical Bills – How to Get Your Medical Debt Settled for Less

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You can stay away from the credit card debts by limiting your expenses but when we utter about the medical debts then it would not be erroneous to say that it can’t be avoided because if any of your family member is facing some substantial disarray then you will endeavor your best to (read on...)

What Exactly Is Medical Bankruptcy?

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Medical Bankruptcy seems to have become a widespread topic in today’s society. Naturally every individual will be required to pay medical bills, since it is a reality that nobody can avoid using a healthcare provider. At some point in life, it will essential for you to get medical service (read on...)

Medical Debt Settlement Programs – A Way To Get 40% Of Your Medical Bills Eliminated

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It is a very easy way to get 40% of your medical bills eliminated via medical debt settlement programs. All unsecured debts such as these bills and credit card bills can be settled with the negotiation programs. For an indebted person his liabilities would be a real burden. If it is a high amount (read on...)

Medical Bills Don’t Have to Ruin a Credit Score

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In a recent Federal Reserve study, nearly half of all debts that appeared on the average credit report were related to unpaid medical expenses. However, in some cases, consumers may have been falsely billed. This means that many may be suffering from financial burdens even though they (read on...)

Bankruptcy Can Provide Relief to Financially Troubled Generation Y

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“Millennials,” “Echo Boomers,” “The Net Generation” and “Generation Y.” Over 50 million American teens and twentysomethings strong, this age group has been called many things – and and the people who make it up are regularly predicted to be (read on...)

Does Filing Bankruptcy Mean I Can’t Get a Job?

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The reputation of bankruptcy has really transformed over the years. Unfortunately, many people still think things about bankruptcy that are simply wrong or out dated. Does filing bankruptcy mean that you’re a deadbeat? Absolutely not! It is a misconception to think that bankruptcy is a sign (read on...)