Common Myths About Filing for Bankruptcy

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As a bankruptcy attorney, I often hear some of the same questions on why the potential client shouldn’t file bankruptcy. Here are some of the answers to debunk the myths to filing bankruptcy. Myth number 1. You cannot file bankruptcy anymore. This myth is almost gone. After the bankruptcy (read on...)

How Medical Debts Lead To Bankruptcy

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Recovering from a major illness or injury often means recovery financially from mounting medical debt. Even individuals with health insurance find that medical debt is a leading cause for considering bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many debtors consider bankruptcy long after they have substantially (read on...)

Medical Bills – How to Get Your Medical Debt Settled for Less

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You can stay away from the credit card debts by limiting your expenses but when we utter about the medical debts then it would not be erroneous to say that it can’t be avoided because if any of your family member is facing some substantial disarray then you will endeavor your best to (read on...)

Medical Debt Settlement Schemes – Legally Erase Your Medical Debt

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The current economic instability has brought very long-standing harmful effects. Every person is affected from this financial slump, extending from small to large businesses, employees, households, students and many other people of the every civilization. Thousands of people are not finding any (read on...)

Can Medical Bills Affect Your Credit?

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Medical bills affect your credit, for the most part, like any other bill. There are a few key differences that you need to know. As of today, they don’t affect your FICO (credit) score. There is legislation in the works right now that is trying to change that. Also, lots of hospitals (read on...)

How Does Medical Bill Consolidation Work?

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Medical bills are such an unexpected expense and almost impossible to plan for it in advance unless you have insurance. Even though you can deal the medical bills through consolidation effectively, some prior steps should be taken to reduce your medical debts. Consolidation is advisable to do at (read on...)

Repaying Medical Debt – How to Locate Legitimate Help For Repaying Medical Debt

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In the current bad days of the economy, people should always think about how they can save money on the bills. It is considered to be one major factor or the reason behind the people getting caught into debts these days. Due to lack of jobs and sky high bills, it becomes difficult for them to pay (read on...)