Use Top Rated Merchant Service to Build Loyalty

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Good customer service is priceless to any company. With customers sharing their experiences with businesses on Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear to see how a positive customer experience is vital to maintaining loyal customers. However, customer service is not simply greeting customers at (read on...)

Debit/Credit Card Processing and Some Important Considerations

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Normally, as a business owner, you would want to receive cash payments from your customers for every transaction because it is easier, no further processes are required. This is actually true to almost all businesses out there but this is not a very practical choice to stick to considering that (read on...)

Elavon Merchant Services Review

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Elavon is a relatively large merchant service provider as well as a credit card processor. Elavon offers web based services, hosted gateways, check processing, and PCI programs for their customers. Originally two separate companies (euroConex and NOVA Information Systems,) after the merger they (read on...)

How to Choose a Credit Card Processor For Any Business

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Launching a brand new business can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if it is your very first foray into self-employment. One of the most pressing issues is choosing who processes your credit card payments. You will have to gather quite a few things which require you to set up your (read on...)

The Pros and Cons of Third Party Providers of Merchant Services

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Although a necessity, not everyone can get a merchant service. Usually provided by banks and other financial institutions, providers of merchant services have stringent standards. After all, this transaction involves money that could amount to millions per month, not to mention the investment (read on...)