Interest Only Home Loan

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In Australia, traditional home loans – those in which borrowers make payments on for interest and principal – are still by far the most common choice. However, with more household budgets squeezed because of national economic issues, seemingly never-ending cost-of-living increases and (read on...)

Avoiding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With a Loan Modification and Short Sale

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What is a Short Sale and Loan Modification? Homeowners who are struggling financially and unable to make their mortgage payments may wonder what, if any, solutions are available to them. Although filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might at first seem as though it would be a viable way to avoid (read on...)

Top 10 Reasons to File Bankruptcy

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There are a multitude of reasons why a consumer may choose to file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Most of these are good reasons and by discussing your situation with a debt relief attorney who is licensed in your state, the bankruptcy will generally help relieve the (read on...)

Can I Avoid Foreclosure Without Filing Bankruptcy?

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While some homeowners understand that bankruptcy is the best option to avoid foreclosure and discharge other debts, other homeowners are not sure if it’s their best option. While there are some ways that a homeowner can avoid foreclosure without filing bankruptcy, they should carefully (read on...)

Protecting Your Assets When In Debt

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If you are experiencing trouble paying your debts, you may have received notification that your assets are at risk of seizure by creditors. Missed mortgage payments can quickly lead to foreclosure and missed car payments can result in having the car repossessed. Creditors may even garnish your (read on...)

Cosigning on Loans

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Many parents want to help their children to make large purchases or to find a rental so they sometimes find themselves needing to cosign on a loan or a rental application. When a young adult starts out this may be the only option for their first apartment or first car loan but there are drawbacks (read on...)

Loan Calculator: Variables to You Need to Consider

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It is undeniable how many people are looking to the Internet as their primary search tool for everything. The Internet has not failed to give people the information they need whatever it may be. In the recent years, online businesses have been booming which made people look to the Internet for (read on...)

Mortgage Default – Everything You Need To Know

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‘Mortgage default’is the technical term assigned to a situation in which a person has stopped making payments on their mortgage, and henceforth the loan is regarded as ‘in default’. This implies that the agency holding the note has attained the right to take over the (read on...)

Home Mortgage Loan: When to Take One?

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It does require great planning and courage before taking the plunge for a home mortgage loan! For most Americans, a home mortgage loan is the biggest debt that they will ever take in their whole lifetimes. Hence, deciding to buy a mortgage is not something that is taken lightly. The most (read on...)

Need Help to Apply for the Loan Modification Program?

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Loan modification program is the best and the most effective way to avoid foreclosures for homeowners if they are unable to pay their monthly mortgage payments and are experiencing financial difficulties. In simple terms, what the program does is to bring a permanent change in one or more terms (read on...)