Filing Bankruptcy Can Be An Investment In Your Future

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Many times the reasons that people these days are filing bankruptcy has nothing to do with financial irresponsibility, but more to do with the bad economic climate that our nation has been facing. High unemployment has gripped the country, medical costs and insurance continue to rise, fuel prices (read on...)

How to Get Out Of Debt on Your Own

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We all like to take charge of situations and do things ourselves. And the need to understand how to get out of debt on your own is a particularly strong urge, particularly for the male of the species. We like to take the bull by the horns and not be beaten. When it comes to managing debt and (read on...)

Will Debt Consolidation Ruin My Credit? No, it Won’t

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A lifestyle filled with financial struggles and constant worrying due to an overwhelming debt load is certainly not something that many individuals would opt for, but the unfortunate truth is that the majority of consumers that find themselves dealing with similar situations simply don’t (read on...)

Debt Consolidation – Save Your Sanity

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Overwhelming debt can be a threat to your sanity. Debt can make you crazy but debt consolidation can lift the burden and save your sanity. The telephone rings and you are afraid to answer it because it will be yet another bill collector on the other end of the line. You hate to answer a knock on (read on...)