What Happens to My Car When I File Bankruptcy?

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A debtor’s vehicle is affected by bankruptcy in different ways depending on whether the vehicle was leased or purchased and which bankruptcy chapter was filed. If the vehicle was leased then the debtor has to choose whether to assume or reject the lease. Assumption of a lease obligates the (read on...)

DIY Bankruptcy: Is Reaffirmation Inside Your Very Best Interests?

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Affirmation can be part of the bankruptcy procedure, and should you choose Do It Yourself Bankruptcy you might wonder if debt reaffirmation is inside your best interests. This step is used some cases so that the debtor can keep certain property, such as a house or vehicle, but frequently (read on...)

Reaffirming a Debt – Keeping Secured Loans Through Bankruptcy

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One of the most common questions I get from clients involved in bankruptcy is how the bankruptcy will affect their mortgage or car loan. When a creditor has a lien on any of your property, you have several options to retain and keep the property or get the fresh start by (read on...)

Reaffirmation Under the New Bankruptcy Law – What You Need to Know

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Whether or not to reaffirm a secured debt, under ยง521(2)(A) of the Bankruptcy Code, used to be a no-brainer. Because the act of reaffirmation did far more for the creditor than it did for the debtor, the advice most commonly – and properly – given by bankruptcy attorneys to their (read on...)

Two Key Bankruptcy Subjects

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Bankruptcy is a proactive legal area. The more you prepare for it, the better it will go. Yes, I realize preparing for bankruptcy sounds like an odd idea, but it is a good one. Understand the terms being used in bankruptcy is part of your preparation, so let’s clarify some key (read on...)