Closing a Business and Dealing With the SBA Loan Debt

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Closing any business for most Entrepreneurs is a very difficult task. Unfortunately with this economic Tsunami it is happening all across the county. Many businesses are being destroyed by reduced revenues, increased overhead, and crushing debt. As a result of these problems, unfriendly or (read on...)

SBA Loan Default – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

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Very often, we get inquiries from borrowers who are behind on their SBA guaranteed loans. We reach out to them, and are met with silence. As in “I’m a little concerned so I emailed you, but not so concerned that I’ll actually make the effort to get back to you.” A few (read on...)

What Not to Say to Your Lender After an SBA Loan Default

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You want your lender to be on your side, not working against you. – It’s not my fault, the economy is terrible! Your lender hears this excuse from everyone, and she is tired of hearing it. Yes, the economy sucks, but a weak economy doesn’t mean you are entitled to an infinite (read on...)