How To Find The Best Secured Credit Card?

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In today’s society, having a credit card isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity! Not only do credit cards allow consumers to finance large purchases over time, they provide security during an emergency and they are often used as security deposits when booking a hotel reservation, (read on...)

Do You Need An Unsecured Or Secured Credit Card?

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A Secured Credit card, may not be obvious by its name. It is a credit card that you get only by giving the card company a cash advance deposit that allows you to use credit only up to the cash amount you deposit. This does not involve security such as property or household goods. It’s a (read on...)

How to Get Approved for a Secured Credit Card

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In order for you to know how to get approved for a secured credit card after a dismal credit performance, it is highly recommended that you get some education about it. First things first. To be eligible for this card, make sure you are not either new to credit cards use or one who has a good (read on...)

Secured Credit Card Offers – How To Navigate This Jungle And Find The Best Offer

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If you have never had credit, or need to repair your score, a secured card might be a good option. These require a deposit that then becomes the purchase limit for the account. Generally the limit is either the amount of the deposit, or a slight percentage over that. These are easier to get (read on...)

Credit Cards For Bad Credit Will Repair Poor Credit Scores!

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The best way to repair bad credit is with a credit card for bad credit which is usually a secured credit card. The type of card usually requires you to pre-load the card with funding and the amount you load is what you can spend. Many secured credit card companies will report to credit agencies. (read on...)

Improving Your Credit Rating: It’s Easy

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Even if your credit rating is abysmal, you can improve it, provided you are willing to do some hard work and be disciplined. One of the most important thing that you need to do in this regard is to pay all your pending dues on deadline. You may not believe at first but it is true that late (read on...)

Re-Establishing Credit After Bankruptcy

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Facing bankruptcy, a common worry is that it will be nearly impossible to re-establish credit after bankruptcy. Contrary to what many people believe, your credit score can recover and rise again after a bankruptcy. Furthermore, a bankruptcy will not stay on a person’s credit report or (read on...)

Just Declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Don’t Make This Classic Mistake With Your Credit History

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So you’ve just declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy – and you’re determined to debt-free for the rest of your life. After years of slaving away to pay off incredibly large amount of debts – you might have sworn off all credit cards for good. Now whenever you get pre-approved (read on...)

Credit Cards for Individuals Having No Credit Rating

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Credit cards really are quickly starting to be popular in this fast paced lifestyle which we now have. It is not just on account of its convenience in carrying around however moreover on account of the increased security that you will be able to pick up from bringing cards rather than money. (read on...)

Bad Credit? A Secured Credit Card Can Help You

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Sometimes, circumstances can cause a person’s credit history to suffer. In the US, thousands of families had been affected by the recent economic recession in one way or another. Many employees found themselves out of work all of a sudden. Even those who enjoy a high position in the company (read on...)