Bankruptcy and Student Loan Debt

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People who are dealing with student loan debt are often advised to seek out various alternatives for paying off their burdensome loans. Because this type of debt can be very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy, it’s often advisable that those who are struggling with their payment seek (read on...)

Student Loan Debt: Ways to Fight With the Biggest Issue in the Nation

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Student loan debt – this is the nation’s biggest financial concern nowadays. After the debt ceiling controversy, the rapidly rising student loan debt has created a storm in the financial world. Some of the financial experts are claiming that student loan debt will be the next (read on...)

Avoiding Debt In College

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Between classes, tests and work college students have enough to worry about. Unfortunately, debt among college students is rapidly rising making it a growing concern for many young adults. Credit cards make it easy and convenient for the cash strapped college student to buy things, few of which (read on...)

Treatment of Student Loans in Bankruptcy

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Student loans receive special treatment in bankruptcy. They are unsecured loans, similar to credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans, which means they are not attached to collateral by a lien. However, unlike these other types of debts they generally cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. In (read on...)

Special Cases In Bankruptcy

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While bankruptcy can be a great tool for many people suffering financial hardships, it isn’t for everyone. More specifically, it isn’t for all types of debts. There are some debts that bankruptcy can make more complicated or even may not qualify for discharge. However, that (read on...)

Need Free Money for Your Business or Education? Make Use of Government Grants

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Governments across the globe are engaged in awarding free money to businesses, organizations and needy individuals in the form of government grants. In the US alone, more than $650 billion have been endowed to worthy businesses and organizations. Each government agency that is involved in this (read on...)

Should A Person Pursue Medical Student Loan Consolidation?

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Paying for medical school can be one of the biggest expenses in anyone’s life. Due to the expenses associated with this degree, a person may wonder whether or not medical student loan consolidation is necessary. Many students are forced to take out multiple loans in order to meet the very (read on...)

Why Should I Consider Consolidating Student Loans?

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Nearly anyone that has ever attended a college, or another higher-education institution, has taken out student loans. Often times, these financial advances are considered a dual blade: a blessing, as they are the means to an end, and a curse, since they are often tricky to receive and difficult (read on...)

What Debts Can’t Be Discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide the immediate financial relief you’ll need. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are relatively quicker than their more complicated Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 counterparts – and as you don’t have to undergo any repayment plans, you’ll (read on...)

Bad Credit and Student Loan Consolidation Can Be Good Partners

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Former students are often faced with multiple student loans once they are in the workplace and earning a decent salary. They may consider loan consolidation for all those loans, but they have a dread that it may hurt their already not-so-good credit rating. Is consolidation a smart move? That (read on...)