Bankruptcy and Student Loan Debt

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People who are dealing with student loan debt are often advised to seek out various alternatives for paying off their burdensome loans. Because this type of debt can be very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy, it’s often advisable that those who are struggling with their payment seek (read on...)

Student Loan Debt: Ways to Fight With the Biggest Issue in the Nation

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Student loan debt – this is the nation’s biggest financial concern nowadays. After the debt ceiling controversy, the rapidly rising student loan debt has created a storm in the financial world. Some of the financial experts are claiming that student loan debt will be the next (read on...)

Student Loan Debt: Why Taking Control Is Essential

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For students who have emerged from college with a mountain of debt, it can be tempting to stick their heads in the sand. In the past, it was possible to simply wait to write them off in the bankruptcy court, but this is no longer possible. Clearing student loan debts requires more proactive (read on...)

Bankruptcy and Graduation

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On the outside, these two topics seem to be completely opposite. In reality, they actually have a lot in common. When someone graduates from college, they’re getting a fresh start on life and heading out to start a career. On the same note, after filing bankruptcy, a person will also get a (read on...)

How Student Loan Consolidation Can Lighten the Weight of Student Debt

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For so many college goers, different forms of financial aid are essential to completing their college careers. But over the four or five years required to graduate, the size of the debt accrued can be crippling, which is why student loan consolidation is such an important move. One of the (read on...)

Support for Bankruptcy Eligible Student Debt

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The problem of student loan debt continues to be at the forefront of the bankruptcy debate. On the heels of an outpouring of support for a recent push for loan forgiveness, the movement to harness and begin eliminating the debt has been expanded to include the idea that those in dire financial (read on...)

Avoiding Debt In College

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Between classes, tests and work college students have enough to worry about. Unfortunately, debt among college students is rapidly rising making it a growing concern for many young adults. Credit cards make it easy and convenient for the cash strapped college student to buy things, few of which (read on...)

All About Federal Student Loans

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Federal student loans are a great way for students to provide financial assistance for their education. Federal student loans are often considered to be safe and secure mode of financial assistance. These federal loans have many benefits and is available at both undergraduate and graduate (read on...)

Student Loan Debt Difficult To Discharge But Bankruptcy Still Helps

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Over 14 percent of young adults are unemployed with 500,000 college graduates defaulting on their student loans since 2008. That number is set to increase as our unemployment problem doesn’t seem to have a quick fix on the horizon and current graduates are leaving school with just as many (read on...)

Repaying Student Loan Debt

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What Should I Do If I Can’t Make My Student Loan Payments? If a borrower is having problems repaying a loan, he should contact the company servicing the loan or the school he attended. There are many reasons for being unable to make monthly payments, including unemployment. Some students (read on...)