Choosing the Right Entity

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If you are looking to start your own business, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things is what kind of business entity you should be. The four most common are: Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation, and C-Corporation. Which business type you choose (read on...)

IRS Regulations on Dependency

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Claiming a dependent on your tax return can greatly reduce one’s tax liability. Having dependents increases the exemption amount claimable, hence reducing one’s taxable income, and by extension, tax burden. Dependents also qualify one to enjoy tax benefits such as child and dependent (read on...)

Are Spousal Federal Taxes Still the Way to Go?

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During the elections campaign period, political candidates reviewed various political proposals. Some of them spoke of changes in the way taxes were to be levied and the structures that needed to be in place to facilitate this. The most outstanding proposition was one that indicated that spouses (read on...)

Tax Benefits in New Law

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There are a number of tax benefits available to small business that many people are not aware of. The tax benefits listed below may offer very significant tax savings. It is especially useful to seasonal businesses. Both profit and non-profit organizations can take advantage of these benefits. We (read on...)

Favorable Taxation of Investing in Charitable Contributions – The Benefits of Giving

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Tax time may have you reflecting on how you can lessen your tax burden for next year. One thing to consider is the government’s favorable taxation of investing in charitable contributions. Giving to a charity is tax deductible. This means that the money you give to charities does not have (read on...)

Benefits Of Professional Business Tax Planning

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Death and taxes are two things that life guarantees, but there is no need to equate the two on the same level. By choosing to have you small business taxes handled by a professional tax planning agency you can ensure that you have virtually no hassle when tax time arrives, and you can rest (read on...)

Tax Savings Investments – Small Savings

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Surprised to read about tax-planning in the month of April? Isn’t tax-planning supposed to be an ‘end of the financial year’ exercise? Well, the answer is no! Tax-planning isn’t an activity to be conducted in a rushed manner at the end of the year. Simply because, it forms (read on...)

Answers to YOUR Frequently Asked Questions

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Last month I received a ton of calls from you as the April tax filing deadline came and went. As a tax advisor and a real estate investor, I typically get a lot of tax questions, especially around April 15th. This month, I want to share the answers to YOUR Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions. 1) (read on...)

Offshore Company Tax Benefits

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Off-shoring the banking to a tax haven leads to innumerable benefits for the person who is indulging in it. Few people know that you can even offshore companies for tax benefits. Such an arrangement is called an IBC or International business company. This type of company is created under a (read on...)

What Are the Tax Benefits of Money Market Funds?

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A possible solution to ease one’s tax burden is to opt for market funds over money market accounts. Though market accounts generally return a good interest rate on your invested principal, money industry funds help minimize taxes and further increasing capital appreciation. If your (read on...)