Tax Deductions You Can Make

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If you’re unsure which deductions you can make when you file tax returns, you’re not alone because each year there are new deductions and tax credits you can claim, and it can be tricky to determine if you qualify for the deductions. To get help with this you should seek free tax help (read on...)

3 Australian Tax Considerations for Your Business

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Whether you own a small or large business, tax considerations can greatly affect your annual earnings. By learning the affects tax has on your business, you will be able to successfully increase your benefits and claim for extra expenses. There are many factors to consider when calculating tax; (read on...)

Proper Tax Planning Will Help Secure Your Financial Freedom

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Tax planning…those two fearsome words that most people embrace with the same amount of affection as going to the dentist. In any case, a savvy individual can keep their financial house in order with just a little bit of organization and tax planning. We all know that we have to pay the (read on...)

Deductions You May Have Missed!

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It’s estimated that 95% of Workers and their families will get a tax break on their 2011 taxes…will you be among them? All it takes is a little work. And you can really benefit if you take the time to look carefully for some ‘hidden’ deductions – things you may not (read on...)

How Tax Deductions Work

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The concept behind a tax deduction is a simple but a powerful one. The amount of income that you pay is based upon your taxable income. Your income level usually determines your tax bracket or the rate of income tax that you will pay. If you could reduce your income you could reduce your income (read on...)

What You Need to Know About the Fair Tax Act: The Good and the Bad

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There is no doubt that the American tax system is complicated and not easy to understand. Many Americans feel that wealthy individuals and some exceptional groups take advantage of some tools at their disposals to evade taxes. As a result, there is a proposal to introduce the Fair Tax Plan. The (read on...)

Tax Deductions for Charitable Activities

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Charitable activities are a great way of keeping one’s pockets full, especially if one records his/her tax deductions. Nevertheless, there are various restrictions that determine the tax deductions that one qualifies for. Clothes and Kitchen Wares: When one donates clothing and house wares, (read on...)

Tax Deductions on Damaged Property

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Devastating and catastrophic natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes have one line of commonality: the property damage they cause is deductible from income taxes, if such is reported by the sufferer. If any of these natural disasters destroy one’s house, vehicle, or (read on...)

2011 Tax Advantages Coming to an End

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As Frank Sinatra’s song, ‘My Way,’ begins – ‘and now the end is near,’ tax planning season is ending…. Ok, ok, so my recollection of his song isn’t exact, but it is the accountants’ version. And while the President and Congress took a (read on...)

Small Business Tax Questions – What Tax Deductions Are Available For S Corporations?

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Perhaps you own an S corporation and are wondering what tax deductions are available for your business? You came to the right place – read on to find out. First, the good news: virtually all tax deductions that other business entities take are also available to S corporations. And if you (read on...)