Understanding Tax Forms

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Because everyone’s filing status is different, there are various types of tax forms a person would use to prepare taxes for delivery to the IRS. If you’re not sure how to fill out certain tax forms, you can get free tax help by meeting with a social service agency worker to learn how (read on...)

The Fun of Finding Tax Forms and Filling Them Out

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Tax time is just around the corner. Sooner than one thinks, there will be a mounting pressure to get all of the tax forms gathered up along with that pile of receipts, income statements from employers, and any number of other required materials. Some things, as they say, are inevitable. Some (read on...)

Why the Changing FBAR Forms Versions Are Causing Confusion

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It is commonplace to abhor the dated versions of particular items, especially when this means there is a possibility of having the very item in question turned down. Definitely, changing forms every year might not be a bad idea; especially the submission of tax returns, year in and year out. The (read on...)

Keep Complete Records to Reduce Stress From Your IRS Income Tax Return

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If you are among the millions of Americans who filed an IRS income tax return extension, it’s time to start thinking about tax returns again. If you own a business, your corporate returns are due September 15; your personal tax return is due October 15. If those dates fall on a weekend, (read on...)

IRS Website – Why It’s a Good Place to Visit

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The Internal Revenue Service has a website for tax payers and preparers at IRS.gov which makes it easier for taxpayers to get answers to tax questions, download forms and publications, and instructions for tax forms. The IRS.gov website also includes some tools for the taxpayer to use, such as: * (read on...)

The One Week Tax Preparation Guide

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Tax preparations can be a very chaotic and hectic process and for this very reason, many taxpayers dread the tax season. Collecting all of the necessary paper work to ensuring you do not make errors on the forms can be such a hassle. However, with proper planning, the preparation for your taxes (read on...)

There Are a Few Changes to the Rules to Do With the Federal Income Tax Forms

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Many people already have their 2010 1040 W-2 and 1099 federal income tax forms in hand. This year’s 1040 form is a little different from the ones that have come in the years past. Let’s start at the beginning. The last date for filing your form this year is not April 15. Why, you ask? (read on...)

E-File Your Tax Return – It’s Easy to File Your Tax Return

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Online tax filing is the most convenient and easy way to file tax return. If you visit the IRS official site at irs.gov, you will get to know that the electronic or e-filing users are increasing day by day. Nearly all are eligible to e-file tax return online. If you have the right option to get (read on...)

E File Tax Return – File Your Taxes With IRS

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For the many taxpayers it is often a matter of confusion as to how they should pay their taxes. If you are one of such people who are worried about filing taxes, you should find out the ways that can help you do your task easily. Yes, it is quite possible to file your return easily and more (read on...)

Tax Forms Home-Based Business Owners Need

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Of the many types of business documents to keep, some of the most important ones are those that keep you on track with tax filing requirements. This article discusses the documents that are common to Home-based business owners. Employer Tax Identification Number. You can call or visit the (read on...)