Tips of Avoiding a Devious Tax Preparer

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There are many taxpayers who have found themselves on the wrong side of the IRS because they used the services of unscrupulous tax preparers. There are also others who have had their refunds embezzled by preparers. It is therefore, important that you research a tax preparer before signing up for (read on...)

Form 8949 – Capital Gains and Losses

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For the 2011 tax year, taxpayers who have made a capital gain or capital loss will be required to complete Form 8949, Capital Gains and Losses Form, and attach the form to the tax return form. Filing of the Form 8949 will accompany figures indicated in the Schedule D. Prior to 2011, taxpayers (read on...)

Filing Your Amended Tax Return

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Worried that you made a mistake on your tax return? Don’t panic as there is IRS help and simple ways to amend your tax return! The IRS provides an amended tax return form and will help in any way that they can if you, the taxpayer, realize that there is a mistake. In fact, the IRS may (read on...)