The Effects of the Highway Funding Bill

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As many of us know, Congress passed the Highway Funding Bill last week that will allow highway and transit spending to remain at current levels for the upcoming two years. Many are celebrating over the fact that our bipartisan government has finally been able to pass a bill without political (read on...)

Truck Tax Question – What Do I Do If My Truck Registration Expires June 30?

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A very common question among truck drivers is, “What do I do if my truck registration expires June 30, but the new tax period doesn’t begin until July 1?” How do you get your tags renewed if you can’t get a stamped schedule 1 until the next day? This is more or less a (read on...)

Form 2290, HVUT: What Does It Mean for the Next Generation of Truckers?

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The HVUT and Form 2290 has become a staple in the transportation industry. If you are a fleet owner or owner operator you have dealt with these two before. A lot has changed over the years regarding the form and tax. The IRS and the federal government have done their best to keep up with the (read on...)

Update to Truckers: IRS Has Stopped Sending Reminders for Form 2290 – Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

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Over the past few years the IRS has evaluated the 2290 filing process and has done a few things to make it more efficient. Efficiency not only helps the IRS process forms faster but it actually helps the customer also. When dealing with the IRS the biggest obstacle is always time. The IRS (read on...)

Recent Changes to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

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Similar to the many laws and statutes that have been enacted in the United States, the heavy vehicle use tax has gone through different stages of development. The IRS has implemented various changes to the current tax that is seen today. The original notion of the heavy vehicle use tax remains (read on...)

How to Register Trucks at DMV by Filing Form 2290 and Collecting Stamped Schedule 1 Receipt From IRS

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Becoming a trucker is an exciting and beneficial decision that has several perks. Although it is not a tough profession to get into, it takes patience and hard work to rise through the trucking ranks and become a success. If one decides to enter this industry, it is important to know the (read on...)

Form 2290 Penalties

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It should come as no surprise that the IRS has discovered a way to penalize tardy Form 2290 tax filers and intelligently generate additional revenue out of these tax defectors. Form 2290, otherwise known as the heavy vehicle use tax, is a financial obligation geared towards heavy truck operators (read on...)

5 W’s of Form 2290 to Help Truckers Understand Aspects of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Filing

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Often when you learn of anything, there is a series of questions that follows to better help you understand the information introduced to you. These questions are quite broad, but the responses are frequently informative: who, what, where, when and why? These “5 W’s,” are (read on...)

The 5 W’s of Filing Form 2290

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What is Form 2290? Form 2290 is the form used to file a Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. It is required for highway motor vehicles that have a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Who files Form 2290? If a taxable highway motor vehicle is registered (or required to be registered) (read on...)