Common Myths About Filing for Bankruptcy

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As a bankruptcy attorney, I often hear some of the same questions on why the potential client shouldn’t file bankruptcy. Here are some of the answers to debunk the myths to filing bankruptcy. Myth number 1. You cannot file bankruptcy anymore. This myth is almost gone. After the bankruptcy (read on...)

Can You Live Through a Recession On Credit Cards?

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In today’s economic climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan for the future. Crushing debt burdens and unstable or nonexistent employment conditions are combining to put huge pressure on Americans from coast to coast. Personal bankruptcies were supposed to go down as a result (read on...)

Options on Loans For the Unemployed

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If you are among the millions of unemployed people in the U.S. (or anywhere in the world, really) you might reach a point of financial desperation. It could be tempting to take a loan, maybe even impossible to avoid. Here is a little advice on that because not all loans are created (read on...)

Can I Still Get a Loan Modification If I Am Unemployed?

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With Foreclosures still on the increase, the financial crisis is at the worst it has been. The unemployment rate is only adding to the mayhem. More people are being laid off from their jobs adding to the perpetual cycle of foreclosures. If you are unemployed, you don’t have a paycheck (read on...)

Tax Consequences of Losing Your Job

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Losing your job is a miserable thing. Unfortunately, it is happening time and again these days. If you are let go, it is vital that you understand the tax consequences of losing your job. No, being fired isn’t taxable, but follow up events can be. I don’t have to tell you that losing (read on...)

Stimulus Bill Impact on Taxes on Unemployment Compensation

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Losing your job is simply no fun whatsoever. There are a few safety nets built for the situation from a societal perspective. One of them is the concept of unemployment compensation. The issue of taxation of this compensation is a subject that drives people nuts. The current recession is such (read on...)

Unforgettable Information About Unsecured Loans

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Due to the current financial situation, a growing number of companies are either downsizing or closing, and they’re firing folks, laying them off, or both, and more and more employees are finding themselves working for companies that don’t offer either medical or dental benefits. The (read on...)

How to Prepare For the Unexpected

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Of course, there is no good time for something bad to happen; but you always wonder if you could have been more prepared. That’s why it pays to make sure you are ready for the unexpected events in life before they actually occur and if you are then you will be able to cope with them much (read on...)

Money Saving Tax Preparation Tips For the Unemployed

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Each Spring, Americans meticulously prepare their taxes in hopes of saving money when the government comes looking for it. If you are one of the many who have been affected by layoffs and cutbacks in the last year, it is especially important to prepare your taxes well in order to save as much (read on...)

Do Not Be Ashamed – File Bankruptcy

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In the present scenario of a global economic meltdown, events of bankruptcy, mass lay-offs in companies all around the world, unemployment, and foreclosures are making headlines in print media, as well as in the electronic media almost everyday. Having financial problems at home or in business is (read on...)