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There are numerous ways to get away from paying more income tax to the government. The governments of most countries allow tax exemption to the certain section of people of that country. They propose different tax exemption policies to the welfare of its citizen. The government in United Kingdom allows its citizen a unique way to get rid of the excess taxes. A person in U.K gets to reduce the value of tax by claiming a uniform tax relief. If a person wears a uniform in his workplace then he is eligible of getting the discount on taxes.

But to get uniform tax rebate, one needs to fulfill the certain conditions

  • The uniform which you wear at your workplace cannot be wear outside. The uniform must have the company logo. Without the company logo or emblem you are not entitled to receive uniform tax exemption.
  • Different employees have different types of tax relief. It is mainly based on level of their job. The person must know in which category he belongs to avail the proper discount on tax.
  • There are two ways to claim uniform tax allowance. You can either submit your bills or receipt for repairing, washing and buying of the uniform or you can apply for a flat free. It is best to follow the second rule but you can also choose the former rule to get the benefit.

Non-governmental Uniforms
In this category the non-governmental worker receives tax reduction. They get the cost of purchasing their uniform. They also get the cost of its maintenance. The benefits are applicable to the musicians, waiters, dancers or entertainers who wear uniforms or costumes on their job. However, the costumes need to be distinctive in their style and design. It should be unsuitable for ordinary wear.

Governmental Uniforms
Municipal workers strictly need to wear uniforms at their workplace. They also get the same benefits of the non-governmental workers. But there are some exceptions. The postal clerks usually do not get uniform tax relief as they work in civilian clothes. Firefighter and police officers are eligible to receive uniform tax allowance. Military uniforms also fall in this category. But undercover officers do not qualify for the deduction.

Flight attendants who wear uniforms at their work place believe that they would get the cost deduction for make-up, shoes and other accessories. Generally suits, shirts, and pants are tax deductible but those cosmetics and accessories are not.

Pramod Kumar Singh, the owner of A1 Finance Plaza provides us advices on how to get tax exemption for tax relief.

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