The Debt Review Process Explained

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Are you in debt and you have been looking for ways to ease your worry? Maybe the calls and letters and possibly even visits from your creditors is getting too much and you can’t sleep at night. If this is the case you might have heard about the debt review process and want to know more about it. A debt review is a process that anyone who is in debt and who earns an income can apply for via a debt counselling company. If the review is successful the applicant will be able to make a single payment each month to a Payment Distribution Agency who will then make payments to the individual’s various creditors.

The debt review process sounds as though it would be quite complicated, but in actual fact it is much more simple and straightforward to understand. The first thing that you will have to do if you are interested in dealing with your finances head on in this way is to get in touch with a debt counselling company. These are the people that will carry out your debt review and help you to get back in control of your finances.

At the start of the debt review process you will be expected to provide the counsellor with the fall details of your monthly budget. This is absolutely essential and without this information to process will not be able to begin. So make sure that you are very fair when it comes to finding all the necessary documentation and giving this to your debt counsellor. At this time you will also be expected to cut up any credit or store cards that you might have in your possession still. You will not be able to spend on credit during your review or once you are on your repayment plan.

When you have provided all of the necessary documentation your debt counsellor will go through it and make sure that you have money to spare after your living expenses have been deducted. It is this money that is left over that will be used to form the basis of negotiations with your creditors. If you do not have any money left over your counsellor will not be able to enter into any negotiations with your creditors.

If you have money to spare and your debt counsellor is successful in their negotiations with your creditors you will then have your monthly payment setup. It is vital that you are fully committed to making your monthly payment on time every single month. You will notice that this monthly payment is much lower than the sum total of all of your previous monthly repayments that your creditors expected from you. As a result this should help you to enjoy life once again as you will not be struggling to make ends meet from your earnings. If you default on your monthly payment however it is the right of your creditors to cancel your debt review and to start contacting you again for your payments.

As you can see the debt review process is very easy to understand and anyone who enters into one will get the full support of their debt counsellor. So if you are finding your debts harder and harder to manage this could be what you are looking for.

By Werner Wichmann who provides information on the debt review process and how debt counselling can help you get out of debt stress free.

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