The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Can Help You Discharge 100% of Your Credit Card Debt

June 30, 2009 by  Filed under: Debt 

Are you aware that you can have your Visa card debt discharged?

Did you know it will take you 40 years to pay off a $10,000 are credit balance and cost you another $40,000 in interest? Many Americans have searched for viable options to discharge credit card debt in order to get rid of balances high as $30,000.

You would have to celebrate 150 birthdays in order to pay this off if you kept paying your minimum payment.

Credit card companies have kept this fact from being widely known. Why pay a past due balance that may bring you into bankruptcy when you can discharge it? Your life is better spent out of now of debt, particularly when you can erase it.

With the correct information you don’t have to remain in debt. Many personal corporations with attorneys are now working with the public on a limited basis and they have lawyers who specialize in discharging credit card debt who can bring consumers to a zero balance and many times without another phone call from their creditor.

Excessive credit card debt causes 95% of all bankruptcies and you have options so this does not have to happen to you. The federal debt collection practices act is just on example of protection provided by the government from your creditors. Card companies are destroying our nation with their interest fees and causing tens of thousands of bankruptcies.

Everyone who has a past due balance should see if they can get it 100% discharged and save money in this economy this year. There’s no reason to pay everything that you learn in interest fees.

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