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An instant online credit card will certainly make applying for your new card very simplistic – but it’s also very important to make sure that you don’t mix speed and simplicity with common sense and deliberation. Whilst you’ll notice a great deal of exceptional card offers at one’s disposal, with rates which are extremely competitive, it can often be dangerous to complete an online form and be approved for your card without allocating any time checking out the many contrasting offers available.

Credit card advertisements very often rely on the instant online credit card to attract potential customers quickly and easily. With financial institutions feeling the credit crunch effect at this moment in time, it is important for them to try to seduce as many potential clients as is possible. By providing an instant approval, they are usually gambling on the general public’s instinct in taking up an interesting offer as soon as it becomes available. This demonstrates what the World Wide Web is about to a greater extent – instantaneous gratification, immediate response, realtime processing and verification. We need responses, confirmation and results and we want it now. However, is now always the best way to move forward, notably where your personal finances are concerned?

You should definitely research the instant online credit card offers but keep in mind, the Internet offers you the chance to shop around and study. If you’re planning on applying for a card account then you need to ensure you study and research many of the card issuing companies. Make a note of the rates they are offering, and not just the opening interest rates either, but the ones that will kick in once the account has been in place for a while.

Don’t be coaxed into an instant online credit card relying solely on introductory rates or initial concessions, simply take the longterm view. Look closely at the overall charges over time. Always be rational – you must be capable of paying off the total balance each month. Don’t tell yourself you can cope if the truth is rather unlikely, because this will generally allow you to discard the applied rates as being largely conjectural. When you have made comparisons of a number of interesting card offers and checked their details, the longterm applied rates and the benefits to you as a consumer, then you will have a more valuable idea of exactly who represents the best deal.

Now that you are holding this useful information you will be able to take full advantage of the instant online credit card application process, by filling in your personal details online and then receiving the result almost immediately. This is automated by computer, with this system authenticating your credit history details against the info on file, which helps to red flag any areas of concern. If your credit report is good, then you may be a perfect applicant for this type of card and will doubtless be authorized by instant approval, and be told about your success almost immediately. In the majority of cases you’ll get a letter in the normal post, or receive an email and the card will arrive a little while later.

Although a large number of card issuers that provide this instant online credit card facility aim to give immediate online approval, there may be a small percentage of occasions where there are memos on the credit register which may need an associate to look closer. Don’t be dispirited and deduce that this suggests that you will be rejected. Once someone has a closer look at your information and reviews your credit report personally, you will probably find that you are either offered the card of your choice, or an alternative card at a little higher interest rate, reflecting any negative issues which the card provider may have noticed on your credit file.

Suspecting that anything aside from immediate approval suggests that your application has been declined often causes some individuals to go off and fill in an application with another card company. This is a big mistake because by making multiple applications within a short time, your credit file will record all searches and applications, and this will impact negatively against you. By completing duplicate applications in quick succession one after another, you may find that your are declined entirely for your instant online credit card.

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