The Next Depression

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For many years, a number of economists, investors and entrepreneurs have been predicting that a new depression is prepared to become the new great depression for a number of reasons, but I personally consider that this has been mainly caused to the irrational growth of fiat currency as the easy way that most governments policy have responded to the crisis.

Also, a growing number of regular people believe that this crisis will wipe out those who are not ready, or unaware to the warnings, and do not take action.

Let’s start first what economic recession means. Recession is a period where the general economy declines the gross domestic product or GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. And when a severe and prolonged recession persists it might end up into an economic depression, which is a consistent decline of the GDP in more than ten percent.

Since 1971, the total credit in the US expanded from $1 trillion to $50 trillion, which means 50 times; and the eruption of this credit system brought an extraordinary global prosperity, but at the same has hit its limit, and no additional credit will be available. This situation has created a new threat for the global economy by making countries and world population unable to repay it and having this current credit-driven economic system will end up into an economic depression, because both the public and private sector cannot carry more debt.

A gradual and global economic crisis has been installed after the Bretton Woods System vanished in 1971, when the United States stopped backing dollars with gold, and the nature of money system changed and a new economic system, which overpassed capitalism and originated a “New Credit System” that grew up excessive and enormously to subsist. Now, the global economy has begun to contract significant and continuously mainly in Europe (Greece and Spain), and it will go from a global recession into a depression or the next new great depression, with will bring catastrophic economic, social and geopolitical consequences, which is unfortunately not inevitable.

Currently we can see a gradual financial turmoil in Europe but we are going to see giant changes in the next years both socially and economically, bigger than anything we have ever seen, and much bigger than the great depression in the 1930’s. Why? Because most of the countries in the world continue printing irresponsibly more fiat currency in order to pay back their debts and liabilities.

Most worldwide leaders has continued issuing, over the last decade, endless supplies of cheap money (fiat money), making false expectations, proliferating speculation, and finally creating false hopes for the future. The global economy is now very ill, has a bad prognosis and even after worldwide national elections during 2012, the current and new government leaders will bring back countless takeover schemes, create “stimulus packages and bailouts” to recover the economy. This scheme will create more global inflation, whose symptom is the price elevation.

This new Next Great Depression is not only going to affect the whole humanity but it will also hit very severely the unaware people and those who are either not prepared or expecting the government will solve their problems.

You don’t have to believe what I say, but it would be better if you do your own research. The worst you can do is ignoring this urgent warning and continue living as nothing happened, everything is OK and nothing is wrong. Let me tell you something “DO not ignore it for very long and ACT”. This will happen no matter what people believe it or not.

In the meantime I allow myself to mention some suggestions available now:

Buy precious metals. There are some strategies and a proper way how to do it correctly even with very some money. There is still time now, before it reaches their peak very soon.

Stay away from or sell your Stocks, Mutual funds, and Retirement Investments. You may want to consider using the capital gains to buy undervalued assets or smart investments like ultra-rich people do.

Create Smart Debt. Regarding eliminate your debt it can be done in a very creative way too. Even though if you do not have a great financial option, seek guidance from how successful does and get rid of those traditional experts telling you “invest in mutual funds and diversify your portfolio”.

Get advice from Successful people. Even at either great or a critical situation, follow what rich and successful people do, by modeling and copying their strategies.

Always get more Financial Education. Read, research and become member of great forums, learn from savvy investors, and investigate which investment offers you a great Return On your Investment (ROI). Adopt a life-long financial education student them and take action.

Target a great Network Marketing Company. Try to get involved with one at early stage, and get a great coach and mentor. This is not a rich-quick business to get a lot of money overnight, but you will be able to create a nice residual income with your own effort. This is by far a much better option that getting a regular job.

Start An Online Business Based On High Demand. Find a great niche in the internet, become an affiliate marketer and partner with different network affiliates. This option just requires just a little capital.

Learn About Survival Techniques. This goes beyond getting just self-defence tools and firearms.

Buy and store Food and Water for six months at least. This is not an Armageddon mentality but it is much better “To be ready and prepared for the worse”. I mean “Learn how to be ready and prepared for the unexpected”, an acquire skills to survive daily with minimum supplies. You will find when the next Great Depression comes after collapse of the US Dollar, all goods will become extremely expensive; maybe 10 to 20 times its current price. It’s important to think about in getting skills rather than storing stuff only.

As you can see the objective in this article is to point out all problems are opportunities for a breakthrough. As Napoleon Hill stated: “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”. So, if you believe you can either “create great wealth or nothing can be done” you will achieve it. I personally believe that this is an inevitable challenge and you can do well, really well or really bad, but it is up to you.

If you do not take advantage of the opportunities this new economic problem presents, the economic and geopolitical consequences will be disastrous.

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