The Price of Valor: Short Notes on US Military Pay Chart for Military Personnel

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For sure, the courageous men and women of the US military do not risk their lives to protect their country to earn money. However, it is very important to give them a compensation that is equal to their invaluable service.

Annually, a military pay chart is released which details the basic pay and allowances military personal are entitled to receive in that given year. President Barrack Obama penned an Executive Order effectively raising the basic pay of the members of the U.S. Armed Forces by 1.6%.

Decoding the Chart

The first step in understanding the pay chart of the military knows what E, W and O represent. He stands for Enlisted, W stands for Warrant Officers and O stands for Commissioned Officers – in ascending order of rank. In a nutshell, enlisted members are the front-liners in military operations. Warrant officers are the highly skilled specialists of a particular defense function while commissioned officers are the highest ranking personal and a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.

Aside from rank, the military chart will show that the basic pay is also directly proportional to a personnel’s length of service. The military is one of those institutions that value seniority.

Beyond the Basic

Aside from the basic pay, the US military pay chart also outlines the other monetary allowances and incentives Armed Forces members get. These special pays are variable, depending on the branch of the military that you are serving in or the function that you perform. For example, there are special wages give to those who render submarine duty as well as additional compensation gave to medical practitioners. The most common allowances that cut across all ranks and roles are basic housing allowance, family separation allowance, clothing allowance and subsistence allowance.

The Current Military Pay Chart

The 2012 military pay chart outlines all the basic pay each military should receive and some two of the provisions include the limitations for basic pay for the highest ranking commissioned officers, the wages of the heads of each military branch and the basic pay for personal ranked E-1 with no more than four months of active duty between others.

One should look at the US military pay chart beyond the numbers. At the end of the day, putting one’s country before his or her-own life is a priceless service no amount of money can equates to.

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