The Vision Silver Card Offers Savings

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The Vision Silver Card is a prepaid card that is comparable with most of the debit cards one sees today. It offers a great opportunity for those that want to save time and money and want to be in control and manage their finances more effectively. Because this card offers no annual fee and a full rebate on the activation fees, it is basically free to set up. It also offers users free signature transactions as well as no overdraft charges, making it user-friendly than many of the debit or prepaid cards that are popular today.

The Vision Silver Card requires no credit check and is simple to apply for and will arrive in the mail in a week to ten days after the application is complete. Anyone over the age of 18 who supplies their name, address, and proof of identification can apply for this card and will be approved. Once the card is in the new owner’s hands it is simple to use it at any place MasterCard is accepted. Paychecks can be easily direct deposited to the account so that the prepaid card is loaded and read to go after each payday. The Vision Silver Card is great for budgeting because it is preloaded with the user’s available funds and one cannot spend more than is preloaded onto the card. One can also add funds via PayPal or a local bank or by adding cash at any of several retail locations equipped to do so. The convenience of these added features makes the Vision Silver Card a great free way to stay within one’s budget and not have to carry cash or write out checks. There can be no errors on the user’s part in mathematical computations so, unlike a checking account, one will never mistakenly have the Vision Silver Card overdrawn.

With the added benefit of 24 hours access to an online account that is connected to their card, users are able to keep track of what is spent, where it is spent, and can even pay their monthly bills directly. This added feature means that it is quite easy to keep track of where the money is going each month. The Vision Silver Card is great for those with a poor credit history or with no established credit of their own. It is also a valuable tool in teaching budgeting as it cannot be overdrawn and users are able to see precisely how and where their funds are being spent. The Vision Silver Card is a great service offered by Vision through MetaBank and has the added security of being a licensed MasterCard International Incorporated product which means it is a safe, legitimate and quite dependable way to manage one’s finances.

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