Tips on Paying Sales and Use Taxes Online

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Sales and use taxes must be paid by every business by the twentieth day of the month. You pay sales and use taxes to the city in which you are operating the business, and then you pay the federal government their share of the tax dollars. Small businesses and large corporations alike have to pay these monthly taxes based on the amount of taxable sales they did during the month.

To take care of this obligation online you need to log into This is an example so if you are filing for another state other than Texas you will replace the abbreviation for Texas with the abbreviation for the state that you reside in. Once you have logged into the Web File site you will be prompted to select the type of filing you are doing.

In order to make the payments through the electronic web filing you will need to register your business online with the state comptroller. In order to do this you will need to know:

• the taxpayer name the business account is under
• the taxpayer identification number
• the bank account number from which the money will be drawn
• the routing number to the bank that holds the account
• the correct name of the banking institution that you use
• and you will establish a user name and password for the account

It is recommended that you write all of this information down inside a file folder and keep the file folder handy so you can refer to each month. This is also a good place to put the monthly receipts you print out after you file.

Once you have an account you will be asked to select the month for which you are filing. You are actually going to be filing on the previous month. If it is March 20th you are filing for the month of February.

You will then be asked to fill in the amount of total sales that you had that were taxable.

Then you will fill in the amount of sales that you had that were non-taxable.

Then you will subtract the non-taxable amount from the taxable amount and this is the amount that you are paying taxes on.

This amount is then multiplied by the tax rate in your county to determine the amount of federal taxes you are paying.

The amount of taxable income is then multiplied by the amount you pay for your city taxes, and these two figures are added together to create the exact amount you owe in sales and use taxes.

Follow the remaining prompts that you will see on screen concerning your financial arrangements, and then print, and save your transaction receipt.

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