Top 10 Credit Repair Companies

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If you need to find a credit repair company, you might want to know who are considered best. Most experts agree on the top ten, if not always in the same order. Here are the most common top 10 companies.

1. Lexington Law
This tops most experts’ lists, and no wonder. They’ve been around since 1991 and have the most solid reputation. Because they are a law firm specializing in credit repair, and not your average credit repair service without practicing attorneys or legal expertise, they can be more effective and are more likely to get negative items removed from your credit reports.

2. Sky Blue Credit Repair
Although they do not have the most sophisticated Web presence, Sky Blue’s customer service is excellent. Sky Blue offers customized service designed to dispute and delete negative items from your credit score. The consultation is free and they also offer a 50% discount for couples.

3. Ovation
Ovation offers some of the most effective services at very reasonable prices. They are well-organized, and their representatives are very effective at identifying how to raise your credit scores. If the company does not deliver the results they promise, they will give you your money back!

4. MyCreditGroup
Organized and effective, MyCreditGroup offers a unique four step Fresh Start program. This program has been proven effective for repairing credit, paying off debts, and establishing new credit.

5. My Credit Repair Fix
They are relatively new, but offer a more customized approach than many other companies. They are licensed, bonded, and abide by the United States Credit Repair Organizations Act.

6. MSI Credit Solutions
MSI thoroughly researches each customer’s situation and tailors the solution exclusively for them. They can’t always give you an up-front quote for that reason. Their guarantee: they raise your score by at least 50%, or you get your money back.

7. Academy Credit
Academy stands out because of the variety of services offered, including debt negotiation, monthly payment tracking, and new credit suggestions, and referrals to companies who can give you new loans.

8. Credit Attorney P.C
This company is fairly new, but backed by a law firm. The quality and variety of their service is quite good.

9. Veracity Credit Consultants
This site features plenty of opportunities to learn more about how credit works and how to fix your credit. They even offer Veracity U, an online education system.

10. DSI Solutions
This company has a comprehensive one price-solution. However, the customer service representatives are not always well-informed about the company policies and services.

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