Top 10 Reasons to File For Bankruptcy

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Is Bankruptcy for me? I am in over my head each month will bills, how can I get a fresh start? How can I get the creditors to stop harassing me? I am being garnished, what do I do? If you have asked your self any of these questions then read below and see how filing a chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help relieve your stress and put you on the path to a successful financial future.

Top 10 reasons to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

1. Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy puts you in control of your future financial security.

2. Bankruptcy helps you start to address your financial situation in a constructive manner.

3. Bankruptcy will not relieve you of your obligation to pay your mortgage, but it might make your mortgage easier to pay by getting rid of other debts that are weighing you down each month.

4. If you do not have insurance and are over come with medical bills. Chapter 7 can help you eliminate those debts.

5. You lost your driver’s license and need to get it back. Chapter 7 can help you eliminate accident debts for no insurance.

6. Stop Harassing Behavior from Creditors and Collection agencies.

7. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the way to go because it’s fast, effective, easy to file, and doesn’t require payments over time.

8. By regaining control of your finances you are now able to rebuild your credit, stay out of debt, start saving for the future and live your life the way you want. DEBT FREE!

9. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stops wage assignments and garnishments.

10. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Having an Attorney who listens to your concerns, makes you feel important, does not treat you like a number, and cares about your case can be an invaluable tool when filing your bankruptcy.

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David Chang was born and raised in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. David began his legal career in 2001, where his major focus was in residential real estate transactions. He helped clients clear title, review loan documents and insure smooth closings in buying and selling of real estate.

In 2003, David moved on to representing clients in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. David advanced to a senior attorney position at one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the nation and has counseled thousands of clients about their financial needs.

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