Top 3 Best Debt Consolidation Methods

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In essence, best debt consolidation refers to taking out a loan with the specific purpose of paying off the other debts you are currently struggling with. It is important to note that considering one of the methods to consolidate your debt is done for two primary reasons: to lower the monthly payments that you cannot afford any more and to benefit from reduced interest rates on the long-term payments. While reducing the interest rate on your payments is one of the best things that could ever happen to a person in financial distress, taking a debt consolidation loan to reduce the monthly payments is an overall good idea. You may pay a little more in the long run, as your payments will be stretched but you will not have the debt companies calling you and your payments will be much smaller so your quality of life will increase instantly.

Most Popular & Best Debt Consolidation Method

One of the most popular and best debt consolidation methods so far is taking out a personal loan. The advantage of this practice is that you have a fixed interest rate that will not be modified regardless of the financial circumstances. In addition, the interest rate of the personal loan cannot expire or be modified if the loan is part of a special promotional period.

Another method that is among the top three best debt consolidation practices is using the credit card balance transfers. Even though credit cards are commonly associated with high interest rates, you will be glad to find out that during transfer balances, companies offer lower interest rate fees or no fees at all for six months to one year. However, some credit card companies might also apply a fee that is associated with the transfer and that is usually three percent of the amount you need to transfer. While this method is excellent to consolidate a smaller amount of debt, it is not very convenient for larger debts, as you will pay interest rate after the promotional period is over.

So we have added it to the best debt consolidation list but this is mainly for smaller debts.

More of the Best Debt Consolidation Techniques

A third practice that financial experts place among the best debt consolidation methods is taking out a second mortgage or applying for a home equity loan. The benefits of this technique are obvious when your debts become overwhelming and your other option is to declare bankruptcy. Even though a second mortgage and an equity loan are big loans, the good news is that you will have sufficient cash to get the creditors off your back. A further advantage is that you will only have to concern yourself with reimbursing one loan, after you got rid of your other debts.

However, taking out a large loan presents a few major risks that you should be aware of when using the best debt consolidation techniques. For starters, if you have no way of repaying the monthly premiums of the mortgage, your house will very soon be put up for sale. In addition, if the price the creditor has received on your property is not enough, then you might not only lose the roof over your head, but still owe money as well. Given these facts, it is advisable that you take the risks only if your other option is filing for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, there are other options that can prove useful in your case, for the best debt consolidation secrets so visit us for more information on the subject.

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