Top 5 Reasons of Why One Should Choose Merchant Cash Advance For Business Shortcomings

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Merchant cash advances have come as a boon to all the entrepreneurs seeking a helping hand in leading their business. It simplifies the procedure of business loans making them a ready to use option for all the fund requirements. Here are some reasons that make unsecured business loans a better option than any other form of secured loans:

1. Smooth Application process: In contrary to complicated and lengthy application process of bank loans, MCA lenders have short and sweet application procedure. They employ a direct and straight forward approach and are concerned in inquiring about the monthly credit card sales. The business needs to be active for at least past 6 months and the minimum monthly credit card sales should be $2500. Unlike MCA, bank loan application demands submission of financial statements and tax return papers. Not only merchant cash advance requires simple application process, but one can save more time by applying online within minutes.

2. Faster and assured approval: Poor credit scores or bankrupt histories will not cause your MCA application to get rejected. Business performance is evaluated in order to judge the eligibility of a business. Moreover the processing time of the loan is also very low and the funds are in hand of the applicant within 72 hours. So it makes them perfect for any instant funding needs that may arise in emergency.

3. No collateral required: If you apply for a bank loan, then be prepared to place an asset at stack. In any case, if the loan is not paid back, the asset is sold or captured by the bank to ensure that they get back what they paid. But this is not the case in merchant cash advances. No collaterals are required to be pledged and no personal guarantees are required to be submitted.

4. Automated payback system: Easy repayment system is yet another reason why one should choose MCA above any other form of loans. Instead of hefty monthly installments only a small portion of daily sales is taken. A credit card processor account is must for this setup. Instructions are provided to the credit card processor to automatically deduct the repayment amount each month. This eliminates late payment penalties or the stress of paying premium every month.

5. Sales based repayment: This is a typical business loan hence it is completely dependent on business functioning. The repayment is a percentage of the daily sales amount, maximum 10%. So you pay more if the business is doing well and you pay less if the business is not doing so well. This eases the business owner from the burden of loan repayment during the tough business times.

All these above mentioned reasons are more than enough to prove that merchant cash advances are far better than bank loans. They are tailor made to meet every type of business needs. Visit our website today to avail funds.

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