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When credit cards first came around, they were generally pretty uniform. Some varied in color, but generally were simply an emblem of the bank’s name/icon along with the customer information. As time went on, credit card companies started to branch out in the designs offered in order to appeal to younger customers and to provide a friendly image. Today, it is not uncommon to find a bank that has dozens of unique options such as fish, mountains, sports fields, sporty cars, and abstract color patterns.

Recently, however, banks have become even more personalized in terms of custom card designs. For one, you can now get cards with the emblem of a local university, sports team, or charity as the card design – which is a great way to show team/school spirit, or loyalty to a good cause. Companies, too, have began issuing customized credit cards to their employees, featuring the company logo as a way of free advertising – and of course, it is possible for customers to get a specialized card from almost any major retailer worldwide.

While this personalization is nice, it is nothing compared to the latest wave of customizability options in credit card designs. Now, you do not have to pick from premade designs – you can make your own! Companies use online photo editing and scaling to allow you to pick the image for your card or give it your favorite color scheme – right from your own computer. Whether you want to use a picture from your most recent vacation, a picture of your friends and family, or a picture of your dog, it is now easy for you to do so through most credit card companies.

Interestingly enough, customization is not just stopping at the appearance of credit cards – in fact, many institutions are allowing you to customize the terms, benefits, and rewards of a card whenever you sign on. If you prefer cash back, low interest, or great rewards, you can easily balance your card’s benefits in whatever direction you desire. If you are thinking about getting a new card, but have not seen any rewards options that are jumping out to you, a custom credit plan may be what you are looking for.

With advances in printing and production technology, getting a custom card doesn’t take very long at all. After submitting your request, a credit card company can have your customized card (with your pictures, your colors, and your desired benefits) at your doorstep and ready to use in just a few short days. If you’d like another avenue to express your personality, a customized card is a great touch to add.

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