Update to Truckers: IRS Has Stopped Sending Reminders for Form 2290 – Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

June 23, 2012 by  Filed under: Taxes 

Over the past few years the IRS has evaluated the 2290 filing process and has done a few things to make it more efficient. Efficiency not only helps the IRS process forms faster but it actually helps the customer also. When dealing with the IRS the biggest obstacle is always time. The IRS processes millions of forms, so deleting an unnecessary step is a big change.

There have also been a few changes this year in the filing process. The IRS will no longer be mailing out paper forms to drivers. This is a very significant change because customers will not be able to rely on the IRS to send them the Form 2290 to remind them to file. This year, no one will receive that form via postal mail. IRS has already communicated this change to all their e-file partners.

Before the IRS would send the individual the Form 2290 or they could pick one up at the local office. The customer would fill out the information and then get a physical stamp. This is no longer this cast as those dated method have been outsourced.

Although the IRS still accepts physical tax returns by postal mail, it does appear to be moving away from that and closer to requiring E-Filing more and more.

With the advancements in technology and the push from the IRS e-filing is now more popular than ever. Customer benefits of filing electronically is also increased since more and more e-file providers added to IRS approved list. There is a requirement from the IRS that all operators filing for over 25 trucks must e-file. Why not take advantage and file all of the vehicles that way?

With all of the changes to the HVUT it is very important to understand exactly what is going on. As a fleet owner, owner operator, or regular truck driver staying current with news updates, rules and regulations will help in the long run. The customer must understand that it is not the IRS’s job to make sure they are filing correctly. Responsibility must be placed on the owner to do research and comprehend the HVUT, Form 2290 and the entire filing process. All too often customers complain that the IRS is making the process to difficult to understand. It is the IRS’s job to make sure that the HVUT and Form 2290 cover all areas related to trucking and appeal to all customers needs not just one individual.

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