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Very few people have enough money saved to buy a home with cash. Unless you have a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank, you will have to get a mortgage to purchase a house. Without a mortgage, most people would have to rent indefinitely, so they certainly offer some benefits. A home mortgage, however, is a long-term commitment that can cost a lot of money. Before accepting a mortgage offer from any lender, you can use an online loan calculator to help you decide whether the agreement really works for you.

Paying Interest on a Home Loan

Your loan’s interest rate will have the largest effect on how much money you pay the lender over the lifetime of the loan. An online mortgage calculator can help you decide whether monthly payments really fit into your budget and whether you can stand the thought of repaying the overall cost of the loan.

For instance, if you get a 250,000 loan with 7.5 percent interest over a 30-year term, you will spend 1748.04 a month repaying the loan. If this sounds affordable, then you might forget to consider how much you will pay in interest. Over the life of the loan, the amount of interest that you pay will equal 379,293. In other words, that 250,000 home will really cost you about 629,000. Suddenly, that mortgage might not look so great.

Lower Interest has a Big Impact

Online mortgage calculators can help you see how getting a lower interest rate can have a big impact on your total repayment. If that same loan came with a 6 percent interest, then you would pay a total of 289,595.46. Just by getting a 1.5 percent interest reduction, you save almost 90,000 over 30 years. If you’re lucky enough to qualify for a 5 percent interest rate, then you will spend 146,154 less than if you had the 7.5 percent interest loan.

Shorter Mortgage Terms Can Save a Lot of Money

An online mortgage calculator also shows you how much you can save by choosing a smaller-term loan. With a 30-year 250,000 mortgage at 7.5 percent interest, you pay 379,293 in interest. A 20-year mortgage at that same rate, however, means you only have to pay 233,356 in interest, which means you save 145,937. Of course, your monthly payments are much higher when you choose a mortgage with a shorter term. If you can afford those higher payments, though, you can clearly save a lot of money.

Using online mortgage calculators makes it much easier to see how small differences in loans can have a big impact on the amount of money you spend. Compare your options carefully, and you could choose a much better loan that saves you thousands of dollars.

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