What Is the Solution for the Worlds Unemployment Situation?

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How can we create a better job situation in the countries where there is a huge number of unemployment hanging over our shoulders you ask?

A total tax cut on new businesses: That is the answer!!!

Today we pay taxes on everything in society, and then even some more taxes again.

There is without a doubt a lot of money coming in to our governments, and still most countries are in dire economical situations. So really, where does all our money go?

Some of you may then think, if people start their own business and do not pay taxes, would that person and his business still contribute to society?

Sure they would!

Perhaps not with taxes, but with a service that each unemployed person are not able to provide today. The unemployed do not pay any taxes sitting at home unemployed, so no matter what, letting businesses grow without having to pay taxes will still contribute more to the situation we have now today, then not allowing them to.

Either people do nothing and contribute with nothing, or they do something and contribute with a lot, just that a lot is not taxes. Hardly not a difficult decision to make, right?

Could one way to save our situation be to let people start their businesses of choice with lesser fuss around it. Totally cutting the governmental “parenting mentality”, regulations and taxes for a business smaller than for example fifteen employees? Or why not a limit of fifty employees?

Now you think that the number of employees allowed before taxing the business is something that can be argued about for an eternity.

You are right, it can!

But the most important thing is that this tax-free solution and the option to even argue about it gets raised!

Why would that even work out and be a good option?

Simply because this would make it easier for people to try and make reality of their dreams and ideas. And is that not what life is about?

It would also cut down on government itself, and thus lowering a lot of costs we have today. Should not a government be as small as possible, working for the people, and not the other way around?

I think so, and I suspect you do so as well.

Why should people not be able to work hard and follow their dreams, without having to give most of the result from that hard work away in taxes?

Rewarding the creative process that will come out of this will far compensate the lack of tax income to the government.

I am not saying that people should not care about other people, but that such care should not be forced upon anyone in form of taxes. That feeling and urge to help others should come out of ones own love for the next person. That love and urge to help others will increase when the person with the means to do so feels that it is worth it.

All people should feel the responsibility to help others, no question about that, but out of their own free will, not by force.

The best way to help your fellow man starts in your own neighborhood, and when the means to help others grow, so should the amount of help given.

Sure it will be “lesser” money for the government, but in the end that will be hugely compensated by all the people who will be creating new companies and opportunities for the people in their neighborhoods and cities.

So many people today have a good and solid business idea, but they do not do anything of it, since it is so hard to handle all the paperwork, fees, bureaucracy, regulations and things around the process.

Many of these people now just sit around their homes, unemployed and not contributing to anything. When they instead could do so much more if they were allowed to try out their ideas without as much risks as there is today.

Why do We need to totally get rid of taxes on new businesses and keeping it that way, you probably think?

Because what people work hard for they should be able to keep!

Simple, right?

We need to get rid of all the inflated paperwork and unnecessary rules around new business. As long as it is safe and legal work, people should be allowed to create and provide the services they want.

As I mentioned above, there could be a limit of the company size, when some kind of tax could be considered, but still it should be a small tax, somewhere around five to ten percent of the total income.

Once again, why? You ask.

Because the process of working and creating something should be rewarding, not “punished” with heavy taxation!

Heavy taxation makes people struggle with their daily life, and people struggling with their daily life will not hire more people, and that will simply not create a good market for new jobs.

That in turn will result in more people costing governments money for doing nothing, and that will force the taxes to go up even more, and raising them will not do any good.

As you can see from my argument above, excessive taxes will in turn only result in lesser job creation. Everything will become an evil circle of struggle and poverty.

To solve an economical crisis freedom is needed, not restraint of trade and various punishments, freedom for people to bring out their skills and creative thinking. Freedom to do what they want and what they have the ability to do.

People have so much to give back to society when they are given the opportunity.

The only thing needed is that chance to do it.

That chance can only be given by the people and politicians in charge of the rules.

When instead more taxes are put in, and more regulations are set, people will feel trapped and afraid of taking that chance, a chance that could have given so much more back.

Compared to people just sitting at home, not doing anything for their society, even just a single small business, affecting only the neighborhood is obviously more than that nothing, done by the person sitting unemployed at home.

And most of the unemployed people surely are longing after the option of contributing.

As a final word I would like to mention the young girls in Georgia, US, setting up a lemonade stand, trying to make some money for a trip to a water park. In my mind that is something that should be encouraged in all ways possible. Young people trying to take action in their own hands, IN A POSITIVE WAY I might add, compared to a lot of other bad situations taking place in our society.

They were shut down by police officers, for the reason that the police officers did not know what was in the lemonade, how it was made and who had made it.

I do not argue with the fact that the good police officers just did their job demanded by our rules and laws today, but still that is not a good sign to young people trying to do a good and honest thing by taking care of their own situation instead of begging their parents for money.

The girls needed several various kinds of licenses and permits to be allow to run a lemonade stand!

Licenses and permits costing more money then they would make from selling lemonade during the time available for them to do this.

You probably think this is crazy!

Yes you are absolutely right about that.

This is a very small but perfect example of all the hassles current surround the process of trying to be creative and earn money with your own business, instead of just sitting around being unemployed.

And this only for selling lemonade on their own yard, imagine then how hard it is for an adult person to start their own business.

So once again, give people with ideas and the urge to start a new business the chance to do so.

The chance to do so without all the regulations and hassles connected to this process today!

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