What It Takes to Get Merchant Cash Advance for Your Business

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Merchant cash advances have become most popular among the entrepreneurs looking for quick funds for their business needs. The reason behind this is they’re imple, hassle-free and quick approval. While secured loans are availed against some property or asset, one can get unsecured business loans without having to produce any collateral for it. This worked like a boon to those who are incapable of producing expensive assets against a loan.

Unsecured business loans are granted on the basis of business credibility and strength. It is basically designed to help business men meets their business requirements. So the loan is approved once the credit score of a business is verified, making sure that the business will flourish enough to pay off the loan. Thus a steady business stands good chances of getting merchant cash advance with ease.

While applying for an unsecured business loan, one does not need to bother about producing a guarantor or collateral but take care of some basic criterions:

a. Firstly, the business should be in action for at least 6 months. This term will shrink to 3 months if the business is seasonal, and 12 months if it is a non-seasonal one.

b. As the repayment is done via credit card sales, the business should process a minimum of $2500 in credit card transactions every month.

c. Have an account with credit card processor applicable to the lender, this is to facilitate repayment. A new account can be opened if the borrower doesn’t have an existing one.

There are certain other additional criterions that depend on the lender. These were the basic ones. Applying for a merchant cash advance is hassle free and easy when compared to applying for a secured business loan. There are no tedious paper works and formalities. No hidden charges or fees or levied on the borrower to get the application approved or even considered. Entrepreneurs can avail funds with very less complications in a short period of time making them ideal for all type of business requirements.

The payback system is yet another reason behind the popularity of unsecured business loans. The borrower needs to have a credit card processor account with an affiliated processor. Instead of hefty monthly premium installments, only a percentage of daily credit card sale are deducted. This eases off the burden to a great extent and ensures that loan is getting paid off regularly. So when the business is doing well loan gets cleared early and when the business is not doing so well, payment continues in milder potions. Merchant cash advances are also subject to tax benefit saving you yet another penny.

Now applying for a merchant cash advance gets easier with online application. Funds for your business needs are just a form away. Simply fill up the required information on the website and the lenders will get back to you with their offers. Online application process is quick and simple assuring you the best offer for your business.

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