Why Should You Choose an Accountancy Firm for Help Filing Your Taxes?

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There are a number of options available when it comes to getting help doing your taxes. However, choosing accountancy firms for tax preparation ensures a high level of competence, professionalism, and accuracy that may not always be present with other tax preparers.

Taxes are a major source of confusion and frustration for the majority of Americans. With that being the case, why not get some help instead of trying to slog through the filing process on your own? If you’re ready to put down the burden of filling out and filing your own tax forms, you need to find a tax preparation professional who you trust, and who is truly qualified to guide you through the tax preparation process.

There are thousands of storefront tax preparation businesses all over the country, many of which spring up just during tax season. There are also more established companies that are present beyond tax season, but operate on a franchise model and have a corporate agenda at the core of their business. When you’re looking for someone to help you file your taxes, it might be in your best interest to go with someone who will be there beyond April 15, and who will deal with you as a person rather than a number. This is where a local personal accounting firm can really stand out as a top choice for tax preparation. These firms are well established, will work with you on an individual basis, and will stay open and available to help with your tax questions all year long.

The other major benefit offered by an accountant firm is its staff. These businesses are usually made up of highly trained and qualified CPAs (certified public accountants). CPAs have to be certified by the state to act as public accountants, and they are qualified to represent you before the IRS if that need arises. On the other hand, preparers employed by a storefront tax prep business or tax prep franchise are not necessarily trained at all. Some states require certification for preparers, but there is no federal certification system in place to hold all preparers to a common standard. By working with a top accounting firm staffed by CPAs, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re trusting your money to people who actually know what they’re doing.

When it comes to finding a financial professional to file your taxes, many people feel that trusting their money to an established accountant in their town is the best way to go. In addition to the benefits of knowing you won’t be abandoned as soon as tax season is over, you also know that the accountants in the firm are actually trained and qualified to handle your taxes.

Penny Jones is a taxpayer and an Internet marketer with Prospect Genius, a provider of innovative online marketing solutions.

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