Why You Need a Free Credit Report

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Free credit reports are an ideal way to protect your credit score and keep tabs on your credit history. Learn about filing for a free report and how you can change your credit ratings.

In a failing economy more people are concerned about the future of their credit than anything else. Some individuals report increased stress levels when they think about their credit, and are often in the dark about their score. A credit ratings is basically a number (0 to 700 or so) that determines how well you pay back loans, credit cards, and bills. A higher credit score is great, but a perfect score isn’t necessary and usually discouraged.

There are a number of services that allow you to file for a credit report. It is important to know that all credit reports are free if asked for by the consumer. As a person with credit history you have the right to as many free reports as you need. It is encouraged to routinely check your credit score for errors and even identity theft signs.

In light of economic struggles, a credit report can help you visually see what you should change. For example, if your report details past due balances you have never heard of in your life, you should probably file a report for identity theft. If your report only has a few debts listed then you can pay them off quickly to improve your score.

The most important thing to look for on a credit reports is the warning signs. For victims of identity theft, the first sign is always a lowered credit ratings and listings that claim the person owes something. These debts can be to credit card companies, billing companies or a number of other sources. They are risky and can dramatically ruin your credit score -leaving you in financial ruin. Credit theft is a major problem, and you should always protect your identity. A free report is the best way to take the necessary measures to save your credit.

You should always be wary of scam companies that try to get you to buy credit ratings. These are not reliable and should be avoided. A true credit report company will offer 1 free report each year. There are a few companies that offer this and you can obtain a report from each one. Checking your credit ratings DOES NOT lower your score. A credit score is only lowered when a company makes an inquiry for loans or credit cards. Even then the score isn’t lowered dramatically.

To get a free credit report you simply need to fill out the necessary information to a reputable company. The company should never email you requesting personal information. Within a few weeks you will get a detailed letter displaying all of the discrepancies with your score. Then you can take the initiative to call these companies and find out what you can do to fix your score.

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