Why You Should Use a Real Lawyer to Repair Your Credit

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We’ve all seen the ads claiming to repair your credit. It should surprise no one that most of these ads are bogus: most who post them do not have the wherewithal to actually fix your credit. Very few people have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to repair someone’s credit. Attorneys, in fact, are just about the only ones you should trust with this task. A lawyer will know and is able to protect your rights, and she is more likely to have experience fighting for your financial rights. Also, it doesn’t hurt that lawyers have made a commitment to follow professional standards, while others who claim to repair credit make no such commitment.

Your legal rights as a consumer
Do you know all of your financial rights as a consumer? Unless you work with state and federal financial laws daily, there’s a good chance you don’t. Laws concerning personal finance are usually quite complex. They also change on a regular basis. Since you probably don’t have a clear picture of all your rights, it’s a good idea to hire a legal professional who does know your rights as a consumer. Your lawyer can better advocate for your rights because she knows which rights to look out for. Otherwise, creditors could be violating your rights without you being aware of it.

Protecting your rights
A lawyer’s firm grasp on the laws concerning your financial rights means she can advocate for you and use her legal clout and expertise to protect your rights. No one is going to yield your rights unless you fight for them, and lawyers are in the best position to fight for and protect your legal rights.

Experience matters
Lawyers who specialize in financial matters have moved into their specialty through lots of practice with previous cases. So an attorney with experience in a variety of financial matters is more likely to have deeper experience than someone who does not practice law. The average fly-by-night company who advertises credit repair does not have to have any experience, whereas a lawyer in that specialty must have experience.

Professional conduct
Attorneys hold one more advantage-professionalism. Lawyer jokes aside, attorneys are more likely than other occupations to act professionally. They have a code of conduct and severe penalties for breaching that code enforced by the Bar Association. Additionally, most firms enforce further standards. One that is very important in credit cases is confidentiality. You can rest assured that your information will not be shared, sold, or used against you.

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