Working With the Taxpayer Advocate Service to Protect Your Rights As a Taxpayer

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Believe it or not, there are people who work at the IRS to protect your rights as a taxpayer. The Taxpayer Advocate Service, also known as the TAS, is an agency within the Internal Revenue Service that makes it a point to keep your rights secure. There is a main office in Washington, D.C., but each state also has an office.

If you can’t solve a tax debt issue, you may contact the TAS and ask for assistance, as long as you make attempts to follow the policies and procedures of the IRS regarding it’s appeals process. If you believe that someone in the IRS has mishandled your tax case, did not respond or act in an appropriate manner, or you feel like you are victim of inapplicable taxation. In other words, the TAS can’t overthrow a decision that you don’t agree with – it is there simply to make sure the rules and regulations are followed per your rights.

Also, the TAS may be able to help if you believe you are about to undergo severe hardship as a result of some action the IRS is about to take, such as having property seized or your wages garnished by a large amount. This is known as a “significant economic hardship” and applies to practically anything that will keep you from being able to provide food, shelter, clothing, and other life essentials. The TAS will intervene with an order (a Taxpayer Assistance Order), to prevent the IRS from collecting money from you.

If you believe the IRS hasn’t followed the correct process, treated you unfairly, or has attempted to cause you undue hardship, try contacting the Taxpayer Advocate Service in your state. You will have to submit a form 911. Once received at the TAS, a case worker will review it and someone may be assigned to help you. You may also call (800) 829-3767 to request a form 911.

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